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Get in the Moment & We will Guide You There

Two Little Acorns is here to support you through your holistic development & well-being.  As we connect with ourselves, we deepen our relationship with our communities & our world.

We can support & guide you through our workshops and courses in:

  • Mindfulness & Forest Bathing  

  • Community & Therapeutic Arts

  • Energy Healing & Coaching

  • Meditation

  • Fire Ceremony

  • Social Forestry & Forest School

  • Outdoor Learning & Play Specialist

Please feel free to contact me with any queries and I hope you enjoy browsing the webpage.

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Our Courses & Services

From Adults to Children, We Have A Wellbeing Class For You

Natural Minds

Establishing a Mindful Routine

A mindfulness based class using creative techniques to establish a naturally calming routine.  Are you wishing you did not have stress in your life?  Yes? Then this is for you, so go ahead and book today.

Forest Bathing & Mindfulness Walks

Reconnect With Your Senses & Unwind Outdoors Using Mindful Techniques

Take a moment to step away, connect with yourself in the beauty & support of the trees using Shinrin Yoku Practice. The woodland environment speaks to humans subconscious and many people find their minds relax or a sense of ease so if you're looking for a stress relief then this class might be for you.

Creative Therpaies

Create, Connect, Communicate Your Way To Wellness

Using our inbuilt creative compass to express and communicate our way to well-being.  Arts are a way for us to play and not matter what the age, we enjoy play time and creating as a result.

Energy Cleansing

Cleanse your Chakras & Relax

Using ancient Energy practices we can nurture your spiritual healing and relaxation through offering a grounding, safe space within one of our clinics across North Wales.

Forest Families

Bring the Family to the Forest

Forest Families is a social forestry initiative, using forest school ethos and woodland management practices to create safe and welcoming environments for all ages to enjoy.

Fire Ceremony

Ignite the Fire Within

One of the earths elements, Fire has been a significant aspect to human evolution.  The fire lighting process & warming results are ideal opportunities for self reflection & personal growth.

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''Into the woods I go, to lose my mind and find my soul''

John Muir

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